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Ferris State Athletics - Student-Athlete COVID-19 Information

Ferris State Athletics - Student-Athlete COVID-19 Information

Important Links:
COVID-19 Education Guide (PDF)
Athletics Phase I Information (PDF)
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All Student-athletes,

Important information concerning our Athletic Department COVID-19 protocols and guidelines that you need to know for the 2020-21 academic and athletic year at Ferris State University.

Testing frequency & protocols:   For athletic related activities, Ferris State University will meet the NCAA's remains guidance testing requirements for Resocialization to Sport: Developing Standards for Practice and Competition.  All student-athletes, athletic coaches and staff will be initially tested for COVID-19. This test will take place prior to any physical athletic activity being allowed.  After initial testing has occurred Ferris State Athletics will conduct surveillance testing which will be comprised of 25% of all team rosters every two weeks for the remainder of the fall. These testing protocols, along with wearing masks and physical distancing, will allow Ferris State to meet the NCAA's standards for such activities as team meetings, strength & conditioning workouts and skill instruction sessions. The ability for teams to engage in actual practice this fall is still to be determined.

Health Insurance: There will not be competing against other teams this Fall. However, we advise all student-athletes to review your personal primary medical insurance coverage as it relates to COVID-19 related care and expenses should you become positive for the virus while on campus. For those without primary medical insurance please see your Athletic Trainer for options that may be available.

Quarantine steps:  Quarantine steps are outlined in the attached COVID-19 Education Guide (under COVID-19 related Care, page 3).  Specific needs not addressed in the document will be handled on an individual case basis.

Best Practice Expectations:  We will expect student-athletes, coaches and staff to adhere to all University, CDC and local health department requirements which at a minimum require facial coverings, physical distancing, avoid large gatherings and daily use of FSU's symptom checker.

Scholarships in 2020-21:  No student-athlete will be in jeopardy of losing their athletic scholarship this year (the 2020-21 academic year) for COVID-19 related or 'Opt Out' circumstances.

Eligibility: The NCAA has adopted legislation that grants additional seasons of competition or extension of eligibility waivers for the 2020-21 season. For additional information or questions concerning your specific circumstance, please contact Sara Higley, Sr Associate Athletics Director, at

Opt Out option Those student athletes that return to campus as a full-time student will have the option to opt out, due to COVID 19 related concerns, of athletic related activities and maintain their 2020-21 scholarships.  Those who decide to opt out will maintain all academic benefits available to student-athletes including study hall, academic tracking, tutorial services and early registration. Those who opt out will not have benefit of strength & conditioning facilities, locker room access, team issued gear and will not be able to engage in any team related activities, meetings or otherwise.   Sports medicine benefits and services will be available by appointment on an individual basis. Opting out for COVID 19 related concerns is a student-athletes individual right and doing so will not be held against you in any form or manner per University and NCAA guidelines.   Student-athletes wishing to opt out must provide notification of their desire to do so by 5 pm on October 1, 2020.

Mask & Physical Distancing policy:  It is a University and Athletic Department requirement that masks must be worn inside all Ferris State University facilities. Physical distancing and face coverings are also required during meetings and/or physical activity at both indoor & outdoor locations. Masks will be provided to student-athletes for athletic related activities.

Please refer to the COVID-19 Education Guide as a helpful and resourceful tool. This guide is available for all student-athletes and your teammates.  It is our expectation that all student-athletes, coaches and staff will read and understand the elements contained in this document.

For more information contact;

Perk Weisenburger                 
Athletics Director                                                        

Sara Higley
Sr Assoc AD/SWA

Brett Knight
Head Athletics Trainer/HCA