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Athletics Purpose, Vision & Values



Ferris State University Athletics integrates intercollegiate athletics into higher education by providing a program that has lasting importance on students' future success. Through education, competition and a personal environment, we stimulate attitudes of passion, sportsmanship, integrity, leadership, resourcefulness, and service to community . This corresponds with the Ferris State University mission to prepare students for successful careers, responsible citizenship, and life-long learning. Maintaining a successful, highly competitive athletic program will enhance the university by providing a rallying point for the campus, community, and alumni.


By utilizing highly qualified coaches, dedicated support staff and administrative personnel to provide a stimulating student-centered environment, multi-disciplinary skills will be developed through practice, competition and collaborative team efforts. As a result, Ferris State University Athletics will: *Provide an athletic program that is a source of pride and is a connective rallying point for the student body, faculty and staff, alumni, local and regional community, future students and diverse educational partners.

*Continue as a leader in developing students for academic, athletic and personal achievement.
*Field athletic teams which consistently perform successfully in conference and national competition.
*Be the preferred choice for student-athletes who seek specialized, innovative, career and life-enhancing education while participating on highly competitive teams.
*Have a department that aligns its practices and resources in support of institutional core values as well as conference and NCAA policies and procedures.


Ferris State Athletics will contribute to the advancement of society by teaching teamwork within athletic teams, building partnerships between teams, and creating team-working opportunities with other campus entities.

By recruiting diversely and providing a department that is supportive, safe and welcoming, Ferris State Athletics embraces a student and staff recruitment platform that contributes to the overall diversity of our campus.

Ethical Community
Ferris State Athletics promotes good sportsmanship. This core value is a critical component to providing a competitive environment that is guided by fairness, honesty, and integrity.

Ferris State Athletics is committed to developing, funding, and maintaining winning athletic programs that provide a source of university pride and tradition as well as an opportunity to achieve our mission and vision.

Athletics offers co-curricular activities with its courts, fields, and other playing venues being an extension of the classroom providing for a broad-based education with the development of multi-disciplinary life skills.

Participation provides an opportunity to build positive societal attitudes through contribution to community via community engagement initiatives, camps and clinics, and the student recruitment process.