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Tony Annese bio photo
Tony Annese

Head Football Coach


Ryan Hodges bio photo
Ryan Hodges

Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs

(231) 679-4738

Brian Rock bio photo
Brian Rock

Assistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks


Tesfa Smith bio photo
Tesfa Smith

Defensive Run Game Coordinator / Defensive Line Coach

(313) 303-3608

Sam Parker bio photo
Sam Parker

Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach

(231) 736-7422

Steve Annese bio photo
Steve Annese

Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach

(231) 571-5320

Grant Caserta bio photo
Grant Caserta

Linebackers Coach (Recruiting Coordinator)

Tony Annese bio photo
Tony Annese

Defensive Pass Game Coordinator / Defensive Backs Coach

Coaching Staff Members:

Tim Parker
Tight Ends Coach
Jimmy Champion
Defensive Analyst/ Director of Football Operations

Jack Schugars - Special Teams
Kurt Faust - Offensive Assistant (Assistant Offensive Line)
John Smith - Offensive Assistant (Running Backs)
Asantay Brown - Defensive Assistant (Assistant Defensive Backs)

Caleb Bryant - Student Assistant
Christian Maurer - Student Assistant

Staff Members:
Pastor Mike Wissink – Team Chaplin
Andrew Thiede - Strength & Conditioning Coach
Syerra Wilcox - Equipment Manager