Bulldog Tennis Teams Sweep UMSL In Midwest Regional Action

Bulldog Tennis Teams Sweep UMSL In Midwest Regional Action

Big Rapids, Mich. - The Ferris State University men's and women's tennis teams pulled off adoubleheader sweep against Missouri-St. Louis in regional action on Friday (March 25) inIndianapolis, Ind.

The nationally 36th-ranked FSU men's squad improved to 13-3 overall this season with adecisive 7-2 triumph against the Tritons while the women's team pulled out a 5-1 victory versusUMSL in the neutral site tilt.

Both Ferris State teams will be back in action on Saturday (March 26) as FSU visits Indianapolisfor yet another Midwest Regional clash.

Below are the complete results:

Men's Results -

 Position  Univ. of Missouri, St.Louis  Ferris State University  Winner  Score
 #1 Singles  Fabian Frank  #39 Vasil Surduk  Ferris State University  7-5; 6-3
 #2 Singles  Cobi Ho  Till von Winning  Ferris State University  6-4; 6-0
 #3 Singles  Alberto Maza Martin  Nur Adim RamdaniIswan  Univ. of Missouri, St.Louis  7-6; 6-2
 #4 Singles  Robert White  Stew Sell  Ferris State University  7-6; 6-0
 #5 Singles  Max Heath  Daniil Tarantinov  Ferris State University  6-4; 6-2
 #6 Singles  Dario Vidaurre  Simon Levy  Ferris State University  6-1; 6-3
 #1Doubles  Fabian Frank 
 Cobi Ho
 #23 Vasil Surduk 
 Nur Adim RamdaniIswan
 Ferris State University  8-4
 #2Doubles  Kristoffer Lindal 
 Robert White
 Till von Winning 
 Daniil Tarantinov
 Univ. of Missouri, St.Louis  9-8
 #3Doubles  Alberto Maza Martin 
 Max Heath
 Stew Sell 
 Alex Brown
 Ferris State University  8-6

Women's Results -

#1 Singles  Jennifer Hauer  Shawnee-Ann Brelsford  Ferris State University  6-2; 6-1
 #2 Singles  Salome Bleuler  Nika Hein  Ferris State University  6-4; 7-6
 #3 Singles  Patricia Maya  Olga Martinsone  Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis  6-2; 6-4
 #4 Singles  Renee Verboven  Arien Kissinger  Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis  6-4; 6-0
 #5 Singles  Natalia Carvalhais  Janie Sell  Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis  7-6; 6-3
 #6 Singles  Annie Hays  Sydney Berens  Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis  6-3; 6-4
 #1 Doubles  Patricia Maya 
 Salome Bleuler
 Shawnee-Ann Brelsford 
 Nika Hein
 Ferris State University  9-7
 #2 Doubles  Natalia Carvalhais 
 Jennifer Hauer
 Olga Martinsone 
 Arien Kissinger
 Ferris State University  8-1
 #3 Doubles  Renee Verboven 
 Chandler Duchaine
 Janie Sell 
 Sydney Berens
 Ferris State University  8-1